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We make videos. We make them for all sorts of people. What makes us different? We bloody love it.

There is no shortage of video companies out there. Most treat video like a production-line industry. They follow the formula, talk the talk, cash in and move onto the next project. There’s no passion, no love, no burning ambition to create something unique.

Where we stand apart, is that each video we make is driven by dedication to originality and a strong belief in the power of storytelling.

Because of this belief, we have made videos across the world for a diverse roster of clients. From models to motorbikes; South African lions to emerging tech start-ups; and Richard Branson himself. Our goal is to work with people who have passion for what they do and strive to push the boundaries.

The internet is still really young. The rules, the assumptions the “now we’re supposed to’s” of how online video works is still evolving every day. The mix of social media and collective responsibility has created new forms of storytelling that have the potential to make real change.

For filmmakers this is a really exciting time and the great thing is we can share this passion with anyone who has a story to tell. We want to make videos that have the potential to change perspectives, innovate new ideas and create lasting connections.

Online video is set to become the most widespread and powerful form of moving media the world has ever seen, and the best thing is, in these defining years; its ours for the taking.

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